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Election of the Academical Senate - Call for Vote: CampusGrün (List 3)

The postal vote of the Academic Senate (AS) takes place until January 20, 2020 (the letters must arrive at the election office in Mittelweg 177 by 2 p.m.). As CampusGrün, we run as List 3 in order to stand up as student representatives in this highest elected committee for a university that takes up its responsibility, which among other things means expanding international solidarity (e.g. through cooperation with partner universities) and developing foundations for a socio-ecological and radical-democratic transformation of society.

This is easier said than done: the current structure of the Academic Senate is not the one of a democratic committee. The Federal Constitutional Court created the ”majority of professors” (Professorenmehrheit) in 1973 in response to the student movement's efforts to implement democratic universities. This means that all self-governing bodies of this university in which the subject is research and teaching is dominated by the professors. Due to the absolute majority of the professors, decisions in the Academic Senate are determined less by argumentative discussions than by the loyal behavior of the profs among themselves. Professorships are therefore a structural problem. We believe that science is not primarily done by chair holders, but by the precarious middle class, exploited doctoral students, student employees (assistants are referred to as "material resources") and unpaid master and bachelor students. Accordingly, we want to change the structure of this university from below with you!

Let's face it: We won't achieve this change solely through proposals in the academic senate. It takes pressure from an organized, diverse student movement. We are active in a wide variety of progressive groups and alliances - for example in the Klimauni von Unten (“climate university from below”), in city-wide climate alliances, the AG Kritische Wissenschaftsgeschichte (critique of science in context), in the campaign International solidarisch – Schluss mit Austerität (anti-austerity-movement) and in cross-status, queer-feminist alliances. We also want to represent these movements in the AS by introducing our demands there.

In order to change the AS, we want to show already today that committee work does not have to be understood as a negotiation of different individual interests. We want to continue to work cooperatively with all political forces there who want to develop the university in solidarity for a more humane arrangement of the world. In this way, small successes can already be implemented in the AS, such as the fact that the AS opposes the underfunding of the university and calls annually for the memorial event against the forgetting of the historical fascistic terror.

Some examples of current conflicts that also take place in the AS: An ecological change can never be achieved without the aspect of social and gender-related justice. Specifically, we want to work on the implementation of the resolution of the general assembly of Fridays For Future-students group - because the development of new, human-friendly technologies and economic models is central to the ecological turnaround.

Another focus in the AS for us is the study reform. The importance of this is obvious in regard to the current debate about Bernd Lucke's return. We worked together in the AS to ensure that there will be a scientific analysis of the debate about freedom of science and the use of science by right-wing forces. In order to enable critical discussions, the entire course of study must be democratized: away from exams, towards joint decisions of all university members on the content of research and teaching. At the same time, we stay tuned to the issue with critical questions and try to bring relevant information back to the students.

Other important issues that we want to deal with in the AS are e.g. the continuation of the Zentrum GenderWissen (“Center for Gender Knowledge”) against the attacks of AfD & patriarchy as a whole, for the funding of the university against the austerity policy, for stronger cross-group exchange e.g. in the form of Dies Academicus and others that only arise through spontaneous movements on campus. Perhaps a labour agreement for student workers?

Our principles, the entire election program and current publications can be found on this homepage.

General information about the election at: Link

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